Paul Margetts
   Sculpture and Metal-Work

Field House Farm
Worcs. DY9 9SS
01562 730003 

Garden sculpture, water features, ornament, bridges, wind and weather vanes, fountains, landscape art
Garden Sculpture 4
Original metal sculpture for gardens of all sizes. All of these pieces are designed, and manufactured by Paul Margetts. All exterior work is weather-proofed with a zinc treatment and painted as required. The following photos should give the viewer an idea of the range of work undertaken by Paul Margetts. Designing sculpture for specific locations is a feature of the versatility of our work. If you require ideas for your landscape project please get in touch.
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contemporary sculpture for gardens

modern sculpture for gardens and landscapes in metal


 "Lovers"  Sculptures in four different poses, approx 1.3 metres high
Clockwise from top left: "Back to Back", "Girl Following Boy", "Boy Following Girl", "Face to Face"


contemporary sculpture for gardens

figurative garden sculpture featuring lovers


modern garden sculpture by Paul Margetts

Contemporary sculpture for the garden - embracing dancers by Paul Margetts

landscape art for gardens


"Embracing Dancers" Garden Sculpture
Above: 1.2 metres high.  Shown from front, rear and side views.

Below:2 metres high version.


a contemporary sculpture for gardens and parks


music sculpture, guitar sculpture, spanish guitar sculpture, garden art, ornament

garden ornaments, art for garden, flamenco sculpture, garden sculpture

 In a Worcestershire garden owned by a keen guitar player.
Forged mild steel, 1000mm high


metal wall sculpture on a figurative theme

Wall sculpture 900mm high
 Designed to celebrate "The Family"


flying birds garden sculpture

garden sculpture of flying birds

Rising Storks Sculpture
1350mm high (can be made smaller or larger)

art for gardens, sculpture for park, modern sculpture

garden sculpture, art for outside, school sculpture

"Three Rectangles" Garden Sculpture
835mm high x 400mm wide


"Growing" contemporary sculpture for gardens

sculpture for garden in a contemporary style

"Growing" Garden Sculpture
950mm high - approx 20kg

1110mm high, mild steel, galvanised for weather-proofing and finished in hand mixed graphite black
 weight approx 60kg

Nurture, contemporay garden sculpture - art for gardens

Art for gardens, sculpture for the patio

"Nurture" Sculpture
1080mm high (can be made smaller or larger)
With lacquer finish (interior) on left, graphite black (outdoor) on right.
Below 2 metres high finished in silver/aluminium


silver garden sculpture for outside sculpture


garden sculpture in stainless steel in a contemporary style

Polished Stainless Steel
1580mm high

art for gardens and patio sculpture in metal

Galvanised Mild Steel
1350mm high

modern garden sculpture in stainless steel

Angel sculpture, Christian art, art for gardens, garden sculpture

"Rejoice", inspired by angelic forms
Sculpture in forged steel 1200mm high


lovely garden bench in forged metal with rose detail


"Pamela's Bench"
Garden Bench, 1200mm wide
Country Garden, Worcestershire


Bird bath, bird table, pool for birds, bird feeder, garden sculpture bird pool

Bird Bath -  "Elegance"
805mm high, bath 440mm diameter
Base 300mm diameter


contemporary floral garden sculpture

"Triffids" Sculpture
1600mm high
Forged in mild steel, galvanised and finished in silver paint



cycle sculpture, cyclist, tour de france sculpture, cycle racing art, bike art, bicycle sculpture metal, present for cyclists, sculpture racing bike, sculpture road race, cycle road race art. giro art, cycling sculpture

cycling sculpture, bicycle sculpture, road cycling art, bicycle sculpture, cyclist sculpture


Stylised sculpture of racing cyclist in mild steel, galvanised and finished in silver. Available also in graphite black
If the background or vegetation behind the sculpture is dark the silver sculpture creates a more effective contrast, however if the background is light  the graphite black sculpture work well. 600mm wide x 520mm high.


 2 metre high Flying Geese Sculpture
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N.B All designs are protected by copyright Paul Margetts 2016

sculpture, public sculpture, art for towns, metal sculpture

Large scale public sculpture by Paul Margetts can be viewed here

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